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Learn about Helio Massage

Эти ссылки для русскоязычных посетителей:
Позовите Солнце себе в помощь.
Моё путешествие В страну Солнечных зеркал.

The above links for English speaking visitors: Let the Sun help you

My voyage into the land of Solar Mirrors

My personal interaction with Mirrors

Download the archive: solar.zip

Find out how your Name, Birthday and Character
are connected through a deck of cards

It is easy to find sequences of random
but sometimes we need HEX source of good reliable randomness.
So here are some White Files - mathematical constants
computed up to 16384 hexadecimal places.
Right under White files there are some  Ciphers with descriptions,
generally based on Modular Multiplication. (very handy if you need to do some encryption)

Some Notes About SUB for parents of the students,
who have the misfortune to attend SUB (Sekolah Unggulan Bangsa) school.
This school probably will change only after being completely closed and sanitized.

Here is a link to my favorite VectorLinux distribution,
which now serves me as my primary desktop and Internet vehicle.
By the way, my SKYPE also works perfectly under Vector

(which I could not achieve under SUSE 11.0)

So jump to VectorLinux website and let Robert Lange convince you
that it is the right time to get a VectorLinux distro for your trustworthy box.

And here is a link to a very special KNOPPIX-LINUX distribution,
which works right from the CD, without installing anything on your hard drive.
So jump to the famous which can be downloaded from this site.
Beware: this system can also see and manage your Windows files
(very handy if you need to fix something in Windows, like a forgotten password)

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