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    Let us not waste time trying to answer the rhethorical question - do you need to master this technique or not...If the answer would be "no", you would not be reading this page right now...that simple. It doesn't matter who directed you here, if you are already here, then read! Later, after reading, you will decide, how to use this method with maximum benefit (and with minimum damage - this is very serious, keeping in mind the power of Solar Radiation).

    You will be not the first one (thank God...) and not the last one, who will turn to his benefit the marvelous properties of Pulsed Concentrated Solar Light (PCSL). Most importantly, you will do it all by yourself, having reclaimed back the right to manage and to govern your own body, the very right that must belong to you, but which is denied to you both by the official medicine and by the government. With foam at their mouths they are trying to convince you that you are incorrigibly stupid, uneducated, that you don't understand what comes to your benefit and to your harm. But above all they want to convince you that all the questions of interference with your body's functioning must be handled only by specially appointed licenced and registered Md's, who are supposed to posess some secret knowledge! In order to keep this knowledge secret, they write all their diagnoses and recipes not in plain English, but in ancient Latin. No chance for you, poor kitten...

    But come on, this is YOUR body, you are the only rightful OWNER of this body, and if you surrender into foreign hands the right to manage your body, be prepared to blame only yourself for the consequences. Who, if not you, daily and hourly listens to what your body has to say, who feeds this body, clothes it, warms it, puts it to work, who, finally has the right to enjoy the health and get the satisfaction of the reliable work of your body? Certanly not the Md, who sees you as an object in his clinic, for whom you are just next line in the logbook or next dollars in the bank account!

    So, without undue ceremonies, let's get down to business - learn the basics.

The Solar Light

    All living creatures on Earth, including us, humans, live under the Sun for millions of years, generation after generation. During this time we adapted ourselves to getting energy from the Sun, both thermal and chemical (e.g. to produce vitamin D). We learned also how to protect ourselves from the excess of Solar radiation, when it threatens to become harmful. African and Indian aborigenes even pass to their offspring the special gene producing dark pigment melanine, which protects them from the excessively bright Sun. Other Europeans get along with clothes, umbrellas and UV protection lotions, still others sit all the days inside the houses, going into the streets only after sunset.

    In any case, Sun is the source and motor of all life on Earth, so nobody will be harmed by learning some basic facts about Solar Light and its interaction with our bodies.

    From the quantitative point of view, Sun is best characterized with the amount of energy which it brings to the surface of the Earth. In a clear cloudless day on sea level Sun delivers 1300 Watt per 1 square meter of the suface orthogonal to the incident Solar light beam. We can visualize this power the following way - if all the energy from 1 sq.meter would be directed into a bucket of water (10 liters), the water in the bucket will heat up from freezing (0 C) to boiling (100 C) in 25 minutes. Obviously it is impossible to build such an efficient solar oven with efficiency=100%, but to boil a 2-liter teapot in these 25 min
is very realistic. In San Diego, California, there is a small company "ClearDomeSolar", which produces and markets solar reflectors for such uses (see photo).

Солнечная печка в действии

    In order to understand the subsequent topics, here is a brief refresher of information from the high school physics course.

We see the solar light as white, but really it means that white is a mixture of a multitude of different colors, which can be extracted (filtered) from this white light. It was discovered that the visible light occupies a certain range of wavelengths, approximately from 400 nm to 750 nm. If we divide this range into three smaller subranges, e.g. 400-500 nm, 500-600 nm, 600-750 nm, then the 400-500 nm subrange will be visually seen as BLUE light, the 500-600 nm subrange
will be visually seen as GREEN light, the 600-750 nm subrange will be visually seen as RED light. (This is precisely how the TV guys separate a multicolor image into 3 "primary" colors - Red, Green and Blue).

Спектр видимого света

    This separation into color subranges has deep physical sense. The reason is that each particular wavelength corresponds to a precisely defined energy of light quantum. In this sense the Red light has the lowest energy of the quantum, the energy of a Green quantum is higher than the energy of a Red one, the energy of a blue quantum is higher than the energy of both Red and Green ones.

    This fact directly translates into different chemical activity of different color subranges. The low chemical activity of Red light is common knowledge, red lamps were used in photographic dark rooms without doing harm to the photographic film or paper. Green light is more active than the Red one, but chemical activity of the Blue is the highest of them all. The chemical activity of Blue light is so well pronounced, that it was notced by physicians as early as in late 19-th century. This is when the Russian physician A.V.Minin introducedinto the practice his Blue Light Lamp, well remembered by all readers of older generations. Inflammations of ear and throat were treated with this lamp, it was well known that Blue light kills germs on the surface of the skin, that if facilitates healing of blisters, ulcers and wounds. Quite recently it was discovered that Blue light has a beneficial influence on body's immune system - later we will talk about this in detail...

Our predatorious tenants

    They are numerous, they are different, but they all share one common property - they cannot be seen with a naked eye. In short, they are bacteria.

Some of them, strange as it seems, are necessary to us for normal life activities, mainly those which reside in the gastro-intestinal tract and help us digest our foods. However, there are also others... let's speak of others.

    These others are known under the generic name "pathogenes", or in plain English, disease-producing bacteria. We all heard about the tuberculosis rod, streptococcus, staphilococcus, pus-producing bacteria, pale spyrochetta, and countless other invaders. Each one of these tries to seize some place inside the human body, sprawl the roots and build up its colony. If the body cannot put a good fight and defeat the invasion, the invaders start poisoning the body with the products of their metabolism, and a disease occurs.

    To get an idea, how the body can be occupied by a pathogehic bacteria, let's consider two examples. Bacteria in these examples are very typical, they differ from the rest of the pack probably only by the fact that they are widespread on all continents, and corresponding diseases are characteristic for tens of millions of people.

    Example 1. Streptococcus

    The most widespread variety is the haemolytic (destroying the blood) Streptococcus  pyogenes
. This is the very same germ which invades our throats when we have common tonsillitis, and which continues residing in the soft tissues of the larynx even when there are no visible symptoms of a tonsillitis. You know it pretty well - once you have a cold throat, tonsillitis is right here, the tenant will not miss such a chance! However, would the problem be limited to tonsillitis, it would be less than half of a disaster...

    The real disaster starts when strptococcus becomes brave enough to venture into an exploratory voyage around the body. In a normal healthy body such a voyage usually ends when the reckless voager is killed and eaten by the immune cells of the body - he gets exactly what deserves, to put it mildly. But if the immune system is weakened - be it the result of an illness, unhealthy diet, physical exhaustion or nervous stress - the voyage of our streptococcus might end up in a new place of habitat for the invader. Most typical of these habitats - joints, cardiac muscle and gums. Sometimes streptococcus comes to the extreme and starts its debauche right in the bloodstream, we call this condition general sepsis or blood infection.

    If you ask people suffering from rheumathoid arthritis, polyarthritis and rheumathoid cardiac problems, in the majority of cases they will remember, that in their young years as children and teenagers they frequently suffered from tonsillitis. Obviously, it doesn't make sense to discuss this topic any longer, the picture is clear - the predatorious tenant has occupied all the corners of the house, with the firm decision to make the landlord's remaining years as miserable as possible.

    Example 2. Peptic Ulcers

    It was suspected since longtime ago, that stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer both have bacterial origin, but only towards late 70-s it was proven by australian physician Barry Marshall, that majority of known ulcer varieties are caused by a specific bacteria Helicobacter Pylori. Marshall did prove it by the most direct way possible - he distilled the pure culture of the bacteria, ingested the liquid containing live bacteria, waited 3 days until he developed all clinical symptoms of peptic ulcer, took a course of antibiotic treatment, and observed the disappearance of all symptoms.

    Helicobacter Pylori resides usually only in one area of the body - in the mucous linings of the stomach and duodenum. It lives there not on the surface, but under the protective layer separating the tissues of the stomach from the stomach chamber. Being thus protected from the etching action of strong acids contained in stomach juices, the germ starts its own destructive activity. It releases its own acid and ferments straight into the tissues of gastrointestinal tract, impedes normal food digestion, causes pain, and in short, displays the firm decision to make the landlord's remaining years as miserable as possible.

    Despite the firmly established facts, American medical establishment during more than 20 years successfully barred the ulcer sufferers from getting the appropriate therapy. Their motivation is easy to understand - only in USA there are about 15 million people diagnosed with ulcer, so if those will stop suffering, doctors can kiss  their fees goodbye. Russian "healers" behaved even more primitively - they just looked in the Americans' mouths, so if Americans refused to admit the bacterial origin of ulcer, Russians just echoed. Fortunately, the situation is changing during the last 3-4 years, now bacterial origin of ulcer is recognized by (not yet all, but)  a significant part of practicing physicians.

Seven Troubles - One Answer

   We are all accustomed to seeing M.D.-s dripping honey off their tongues in order to convince the patient that here they have an exceptional individual program for his treatment, specifically tailored to combat his and only his individual disease. Naturally, the dumbed and stupefied patient listens to all this with his ears hanging down, he cannot take it into his mind that in reality he needs something entirely different.

    The patient wants his health back! He wants his health back not for a brief interval of time, until the new onset of the disease, but he wants to do it so that health would be his normal state, and disease would become a rare exception from the rule. It would be even better if the attacks of disease itself would become light and short-lasting, and the body would immediately mobilize itself to fight the illness.

    In order to achieve this goal, our bodies must not allow inside the kinds of "tenants" described above. Fortunately, our bodies have this ability, inherited from our ancestors in the course of many centuries long fight for survival. This ability is called "Immunity", we get it from our parents at birth, as well as all other abilities of our bodies. However, it is entirely up to ourselves, shall we put this ability to good use or not.

    Immunity is that universal magic wand, which our stupefied patient needs above all. Sure, the victim of a car crash needs urgent surgery, in case of poisoning the first need is an antidote, and so on. But it is impossible to avoid sepsis in the wound, to avoid the ulcer disease, to avoid pneumonia, if your immune system is weakened and cannot close the door to opportunistic infections.

    People have discovered a multitude of ways to strengthen their immune system (and a multitude of ways to harm it and impair its functioning). To strengthen the immune system, people do physical exercise, take cold shower, go to steam bath and sauna, eat garlic, carrots and ginseng, stand on their heads as prescribed by yoga, follow diets and fasting courses, attend hypnotic sessions, etc, etc. Lots of different things are done by people full of hope that lo and behold, after (..., substitute your favorite method) they will suddenly become healthy and shining, like fresh cucumbers.

   Strange indeed it might be, but many of these methods really work, people really get healthier after applying these methods to themselves, and then start "religious wars", where each follower praises his/her own method and denounces all othes as quackery.

    I am also only a human being, differing possibly only in that I am not inclined to blame and denounce other methods of immune system strengthening. On the contrary, before going over to the description of
Pulsed Concentrated Solar Light (PCSL) procedures, I should make a remark. Solar procedures by themselves will result in nothing if the body will be deprived of wholesome food, if physical exercise will be neglected, and above all, if the unending nervous stress will be allowed to maintain its pressure on our lifestyle - the situation too well known to us, the big city dwellers.

    Those who are now under stress, please go take a sauna, stand on your head by the yoga teachings, relax yourself in a hypnotic session, and then only, in a peaceful state of mind, return to this reading.

How to boost up your immune system

    Echinacea, Golden Root, aloe, ginseng, pumpkin seeds and all other onions/garlic are covered in detail by other authors. Here we will be concerned about light in general, and Solar Light in particular.

    At the origin of Light Healing in medicine there stands the monumental figure of the
Dutch physician, Nobel Prize winner Niels Finsen.

    In 1886  Niels Finsen founded in Copenhagen the Light-Healing Institute, with the mission " study the influence of light on the animal organism, preferentially with the goal to practically apply the acquired results to the healing of diseases." Starting from 1887, Institute conducted a series of experiments in order to investigate the action of light on different bacteria. It was found that light slows down the growth of bacteria, and even kills them, provided the big enough intensity and duration of light. Concentrated light was found to be especially efficient. The regular sunlight killed bacteria after 5 hours of exposure, a 900-candle arc lamp did the same job in 8 hours, and an incandescent lamp - in 11 hours, whence the congentrated light weakened most bacteria in 1 minute, and killed them in 5-7 minutes. Experiments confirmed that it was light and not heat that acted upon the bacteria. All experiments were conducted on the bacteria species m.prodigiosus, bac.tiorescens, bac.colicim, typhoid and anthrax bacilli.

    Investigation confirmed that all parts of light spectrum slow down bacterial growth, but violet and UV light (wavelengths from 200 nm and shorter) is most efficient in this respect. Improving the equipment allowed Finsen to shorten the extermination time of bacteria down to two seconds.

    Methods developed by Finsen were used for the therapy of skin diseases, primarily for lupus (cutaneous tuberculosis, Lupus Vulgaris), which was traditionally considered to be incurable. In Finsen's Institute more than 500 people were successfully treated against lupus. These people had lesions on parts of their faces, on lips, nose, mucous surfaces, even on extremities. The results of treatment were so spectacular, that lupus was reclassified into the category of curable diseases. It is for successful treatment of lupus that Finsen received the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1903.

    Already at that time it was suggested that light not only kills bacteria, but also stimulates certain processes in body tissues due to absorption of the external light energy in the body.

    This fact was proven in USA when W. Hancock and E. Knott made their famous experiments with dogs. They infected dogs with haemolytic streptococcus, and later, when dogs had developed general sepsis, irradiated their blood with UV light, passing it through the UV transparent quartz tube connected to blood vessels. The result of this experiment was spectacular. Dogs died, but their blood was sterile, all streptococcus bacteria were exterminated. The method worked! The problem was in finding the safe dose of irradiation.

    As it frequently happens, "misfortune brings fortune on its tail" - during one of experiments the electricity in the building was cut off when only a mere quarter of dog's blood was irradiated. The scientists were forced to interrupt the experiment, but to their surprise, the dog stayed alive and recovered from sepsis. It turned out that not all blood of the patient needs to be irradiated, but only a fraction of it.

    Soon the experimenters had the chance to verify their findings in practice. In 1928 they got a patient - a young woman dying from postnatal sepsis. Antibiotics did not exist at that time, so only a miracle could save her. And this miracle happened, when she was injected with 120 ml of her own blood, after that blood was irradiated with broad-spectrum UV light. The woman fully recovered, and several years later brought to life 2 more children. This is how this wonderful method of UV irradiation was discovered and practically proven.

    A similar case happened later, in 1933, when a woman developed sepsis after abortion. Diplococcus and haemolytic streptococcus bacteria were rapidly multiplying in her blood, and her life was hanging on a thin thread. She was injected first with 100 ml of her own blood irradiated with UV light, and with 400 ml more on the next day. On the 4-th day the testing showed, that her blood did not contain bacteria any more. The healing was complete!

    Impressive results of these experiments not only did raise hopes, but also raised new questions. Why did these women recover? Not all their blood was irradiated, but only 1/50 part of it, 1/10 part at most. It is well known how quickly the bacteria multiply, hence the remaining bacteria should promptly make up for the losses, even if all bacteria in the irradiated blood were exterminated.

    Here we come again to the importance of the proper functioning of the immune system. It is our immune system that reliably protects us from the invasion of any foreign bacteria. There exists the opinion that many infectious diseases are caused primarily not by bacteria and viruses (these are always abundant in and around us), but by failures and errors of our immune protection. There is another, not less important function of our immune system - it maintains the "wholesomeness" of our bodies, meaning that it exterminates our own cells, when they deviate significantly from standard parameters. Some specialists in oncology believe that on each given day the human body produces hundreds of virus-infected cells, potentially cancerous. All these cells are immediately detected and exterminated by killer cells - the avant-garde of our immune system.

    So now here is the situation when suddenly a portion of blood is subjected to massive irradiation with the chemically active light. Frankly speaking, we can visualize the process as if the absorbed quants of light give a violent "push" to the sleeping immune system, dramatically stepping up its activity. All other therapeutic effects are merely the consequences of this intensive activity. In particular, it is the immune system, not light radiation by itself, which exterminates all pathogenous bacteria in the bloodstream.

    Unfortunately, the interrelations between the different cells of immune system (and there are many of them!) are very complex and intertwined. It is highly improbable that some simple model can be built which would describe the immune system response to UV light radiation. A plethora of parameters recorded by scientists all speak about the same thing: following the UV irradiation the immune system switches to emergency mode of functioning. In particular, there is some 50% increase in fagocytosis speed in lymphocytes, fermentative activity and hormone secretion increases, number of lymphocytes in blood rises about twice, fibrinolytic activity increases (blood clots and thrombes are dissolved), blood microcirculation is improved, intensity of many bioenergetic processes increases. UV radiation response is manifested in better oxygen absorption in blood, increased resistanse to infections, adrenaline and cholesterol contents are normalized. Even the DNA repair rate is improved following UV blood irradiation! As a result we see miraculous therapeutic effects.


    And finally here are some exceptionally good news for the readers. Recently - just 6-8 years ago - it was discovered that UV radiation is not absolutely necessary, the visible light is fully adequate for the purpose. It turned out that blue and violet light can cause the same impact on the blood as UV does, at the expense of somewhat higher dosages. This means that we can use some simple household items in order to achieve right at home practically the same results, which are achieved by physicians in their laboratories with the help of specialized expensive equipment.

At Home, at the Beach, anywhere

    To make a long story short, we are going to use the natural free Solar Light in order to arrange the irradiation of our own blood. First question is, do we need to do anything at all? Maybe, it is sufficient to go out to the beach or to the backyard and expose our bodies to these vitalizing Solar Rays? Frankly speaking, for many people this will already be better than nothing, however we will go ahead, and pursue some more efficient way, which will be just as simple.

    Here we must keep in mind that Solar Light penetrates the human body only to a very small depth. The green light penetrates only to 3-4 mm, the blue light to 1.5-2 mm, UV penetrates even less than that - less than 1 mm. True, the red light penetrates to 15-20 mm inside the human body (this is why if we place the palm of the hand between the Sun and the eye, we can see red light passing through the palm), but due to its low chemical activity the red light does not produce such a stimulating impact as green, blue and UV.

    For blood irradiation to be successful, it is necessary to surpass some threshold intensity of this radiation. When blood flows in the laboratory across the quartz tube and is directly irradiated by some mercury-discharge UV lamp, it is easy to make the intensty of radiation many times higher than the threshold. However, the Solar Radiation is absorbed in the skin and in subcutaneous tissues. When the rest of it reaches the blood, it does not reach the threshold intensity. You can easily understand that if the threshold is not surpassed, you can irradiate yourself fron sunrise to sunset - the only result will be skin sunburns.

    It is very easy to increase the intensity of Solar Light - just to concentrate it with a lens or with a mirror. If it is possible to find a condensing lens with a diameter of 15-20 cm, this will be quite good for the purpose, however, such lenses are not common in our households. On the other hand, a concave cosmetic mirror of this size can be found practically in any house.

Настольное косметическое зеркало   Ручное косметическое зеркало

    Usually these mirrors are made 2-sided, one side is flat, the opposite is concave. The concave side can gather all the Solar Light from its surface into a small "focal spot", dramatically increasing (up to 1000 times) the intensity of the light. Really, when the 150 mm mirror concentrates all the Solar Light from its surface into a 5 mm spot, this translates into a 900 times increase in intensity.

    So now the threshold intensity, which the ordinary Solar Light could not surpass, is no challenge for
Pulsed Concentrated Solar Light (PCSL). Why is it "concentrated", is obvious - it was collected, concentrated by the mirror. Now in this definition we must understand the significance of the word "pulsed", where it comes from and why is it necessary.
    It s quite obvious, that if the Solar Light is concentrated on a small spot of the skin, the temperature there will soon rise to such an extent, that it will burn a hole through the skin... By this virtue the lighted spot must be moved along a cetain path, so that the possibility of local overheating will be avoided. Accordingly in each spot along the path
moments of high light intensity will be interspersed with moments of low light intensity, that's where "pulsed" comes into being. The following picture shows a practical procedure of irradiation for the forearm and elbow joint, where the blood vessels come close to the skin, and where we can do the "through-the-skin" irradiation of the blood.

Облучение левой руки

    Practical parameters: mirror diameter 16 cm, focal length 40-50 cm (sometimes branded as 3x mirror), hot spot diameter 0.5-1 cm, the spot oscillates between the wrist and elbow bend approximately at 1 full cycle per second. This procedure can be done without assistants, with your left side turned towards the Sun (if you are going to irradiate your left arm), or with your right side towards the Sun (you take the mirror in your left hand and irradiate your right arm).

    This general setting can be modified in order to irradiate the knee bends from behind, the chin and throat area, and even the area between the legs. In all above cases it will be better to do the procedure with the help of an assistant. The cases of lesions, cuts, wounds, pustulas, etc may require some individual invetiveness and extreme caution. Remember always that it is YOUR body, do your best in order not to harm it with careless application of this very POWERFUL method.

Getting Started.

    How to start? First, ask yourself the question - are you ready or not? Certainly you arre ready to apply the PCSL method to yourself - no doubts about it - but are you ready to do it quietly and slowly, start with very small dosages, increase dosages step by step, and above all, not to expect any quick miracles?

    Are you prepared to the fact that Sun will not come out on clear sky each day, so that you would miss the planned exposure of today?

    Are you ready that in the beginning stages you will feel worse instead of feeling better? This fact is so important and so unexpected for the majority of enthusiasts, that it deserves special detailed consideration. It was already said more than once, that pathogenous bacteria intoxicate the human body with the products of their metabolism. Now it is the right time to stress the fact that these toxic products are released into the body not only during the life of bacteria, but also at the moment of their death. This is natural, since at the moment of death all toxic substances contained in the bacteria are released and go inside the human body, bloodstream and other places. Thus, if our immune system starts working at higher speed, the massive death of bacteria follows, increased amounts of bacterial toxins are released, and our body will feel very very bad. Increased amount of bacterial poison may result in the sensation that healing is worse than disease itself. This phenomena was discovered in medicine already more than a century ago, and has a special name "Herxheimer Syndrome" by the name of the German physician who first described it. So if your body hosts streptococcus, who reside in your heart muscle, don't be surprised when after PCSL irradiation you will feel increased heartbeet, fever and shortage of breath. This will be the final greeting that the dying streptococcus army will send you from their common grave.

    Finally, if you are ready and understand what you are doing, roll up tour sleeves above the elbows (just like that!), go out into the backyard, parking lot, or other sunny place, take the mirror into your right hand, turn your left side towards the sun, and start according to the last picture. The better you focus the solar light spot, the deeper will the light penetrate your veins and capillaries, the more efficient will be the session.

    Keep a moderate speed of the spot movement, about 1 full cycle per second, make a full swing from the wrist to the elbow bend and back. Do not start with a big dosage, do about 30-40 swings on your left arm, then same number on the right arm, for the first day it will be sufficient. In the following days increase the dosage in
increments of 15-20 swings per day, until you reach 180-200 per each arm.

    If at any day you will experience the
"Herxheimer Syndrome" (short breath, increased heartbeat, aching sore joits, problems with digestion, stomach cramps, etc), do a 3-4 days break. Then restart with the last dosage where you had no adverse symptoms, slowly increasing the dosage in following days. Be careful and pay attention to reactions of your body.

    Eventually you will come to the moment when you will receive 180-200 swings per arm without any adverse sensations (possibly not each day, but once in 3-4 days). Now you can add the underknee bends to the irradiated areas, you can start directly with 100 swings per side, decreasing the dosage on the arms also down to 100 swings.

    Further progress depends on your needs. Some of you will stay in this mode and do regular irradiations, provided that weather is favorable for such exploits. Others will put the mirror back into the dark corner of the drawer, and will take it out only at moments of emergency. Still others will irradiate some particular body areas - joints, pustulas, cuts, bruises, lesions, chin area (especially with sore teeth and gums).

    I wish good health to all of you!

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