Self-test (the cosmetic mirror story)

The fascination with Prof. Buchman's ideas and accomplishments never completely left me, but for more than 35 years there was very slim chance for these ideas to come “to the front burner”. I was a busy researcher in the Institute of Physics of the Earth and bringing it to the extreme - I was a field researcher, to the extent that each year I spent in field trips about 7-8 months. I worked in Trans-Caucasus, in Central Asia, spent 2 summer seasons in Antarctica, installed equipment for magnetic observatories in Cuba and in Mexico, recorded Polar Aurora in Finland and monitored nuclear blasts in Kazakhstan and in Nevada. However, the picture of Pulsed Concentrated Solar Light being applied to the human body was deeply rooted in my subconscious mind, it was slowly growing there, just waiting for a chance to come out.

The chances came in due time – that was not a single chance, but two of them.

The first chance happened to be my acquaintance and collaboration with Prof . Hiroshi Motoyama and his Institute. The California Institute for Human Sciences is located in Encinitas, 15 miles north of San Diego, it is one of the most unusual colleges in America, devoted to “Body, Mind and Spirit” of the Humankind. It will be too long to tell here about my involved interrelations with the people in this college and about the unusual subjects which I taught there. For the continuation of this story it is important that from Prof. Motoyama and his coworkers I received a powerful reinforcement of my old idea that a man is himself the owner and the master of his body, that taking care of one's health is one's duty and obligation, and that it borders with a sin when one concedes the care of his health to the hired professional. In his soft delicate manner Prof. Motoyama once asked the audience: “If we want to always hire a professional, why a man must not hire a professional to take care of his wife's sexual needs?” In mathematics such a method of proof is called “Reductio ad Absurdum”.

The second chance presented itself when people in Russia started depositing their scientific papers on the World Wide Web.

Few people now can remember that along with the development of Internet and World Wide Web there happened the development of the search engines which helped to categorize and find on the Web all kinds of information. It was always difficult for Russian scientists to publish the results of their research in periodic papers, mainly because there existed a strong censorship, disguised as the “procedure of approval”. On the other hand, the new publishing possibility on the Web required no approvals, practically no expenses, and what was even more important, controversial content could be published without fear of censorship.

That's where and how I found about Light Therapy, about Niels Finsen and his 1903 Nobel Prize, about Alexander Minin and his Blue Light Lamp, about Hancock and Knott with their UV Blood Irradiation and finally about the immune-boosting effects of blue/violet spectral band of visible light. The pieces of puzzle miraculously fell into place, as if an invisible wizard did wave the magic wand!

First thing which I understood was the need to concentrate the Sunlight. Concentrated by a lens or mirror, the Sunlight is applied to the human body with magnified intensity. Then various effects are possible which one can't achieve with the regular (1x) sunlight. When a mirror collects Solar radiation from a round surface with the diameter of 15 cm and concentrates it on a spot with the diameter of 5 mm, it means an increase in intensity by the factor of 900, and instead of “1x” we have the “900x” radiation on this small spot. Lo and Behold! 900 Suns are irradiating the spot of the body to which we direct the mirror!

This horrific intensity easily surpasses all possible thresholds meant to protect the innards of the human body from the effects of the Sunlight. In fact if we keep the reflected Sunspot on the same place of the skin for more than a couple of seconds, it is possible to burn the skin and the flesh underneath. I will talk about my personal experiences in this respect a little later, now I want to mention the Israeli “Solar Scalpel” successfully functioning in Negev Desert with expenses ~10% of what a laser scalpel would require. < >

This brings to the forefront the urgent need to make this Light impact harmless. The way to do this was clearly shown by Prof. Buchman – make the Light application pulsed, cyclically move the Sunspot back and forth on the skin.

The system was very easy to implement and even easier to operate. The main element was found right on the shelf in the neighboring drugstore – it was a 7-inch cosmetic mirror of a kind used by men when they are shaving and by women when they are doing their makeup. Everybody knows these 2-side mirrors with one side flat for regular reflection and another side concave for magnified reflection. It was the concave side which I was interested in, in my case it provided the “3x” magnification, in optical terms this translated into focusing distance of ~45-50 cm.

When I decided to apply the PCSL (Pulsed Concentrated Solar Light) to myself, I had no ideas of involving anybody else into this experiment. I simply wanted to find out whether the small 16-cm mirror will be effective at all – remembering that Buchman & Co used the 100-cm mirrors with the surfaces 40 times bigger than my cosmetic toy. The goal of the Light application was obvious – to boost the immune system, irradiating the blood through the skin. The successful UV Blood irradiation done by Knott and Hancock in 1930-th and recent discoveries from Russia about the applicability of blue and violet light for this purpose raised significant hopes of success for this experiment.

It was very easy to decide where the areas of application should be located on the body. Since the irradiation target would be the blood, it was necessary to find places where the blood vessels show themselves from under the skin. Arteries were out of question – they are buried too deep inside the tissues. Veins, on the other hand, come very close to surface and there are several places where veins concentrate into virtual clusters. There are vein clusters in the inner side of the elbow joints, in the inner side of the knee joints, on the outer surface of the palms, and, as old people know it, varicose veins can cover vast areas of the legs, both above and below the knees.

For the sake of convenience I decided to use the elbow joints – it was easy to irradiate the left elbow joint while holding the mirror in the right hand, and vice versa. Taking some other area for irradiation – e.g. knee joint – could require an assistant.

I was very well aware of the fact that I had no idea of the required and admissible dosages, especially taking into account the fact that it was all happening in Southern California, in San Diego with its crystal clear sky and fierce Sun. For the start I decided to follow the example of Tamara Rossova and estimate the admissible dosage just by calculating its thermal effect. In practice it turned out even simpler, because I was able to feel the heating effect directly in the irradiated elbow joint. Around noon in San Diego it required 2-3 min of swinging the sunspot along the hand from wrist to elbow.

Schematically this irradiation process is shown in the following picture.

The experimenter holds the mirror (green oval) in his right hand, catches the Sunlight falling on the surface of the mirror (red beams) and reflects it to the elbow joint of his left hand. Waving the mirror, it is possible to make the reflected sunspot travel back and forth along the left arm from wrist to elbow and back. Usually it's easy to make the sunspot oscillate at about 1 period per second.

Fig. 1



By some stroke of luck I decided not to make 2 PCSL applications per day, and to limit myself to one. As it turned out, one was largely adequate.

So I started in October 2003 with 40 oscillations of Sunlight per each arm, continued next day with 60+60, then with 80+80, and on the fourth day, after 100+100 oscillations I suddenly started feeling somehow “Not in my own plate...”. The feeling was a bit feverish, combined with some stomach uneasiness and feeling of overfilled intestines, and finally there was a definite shortness of breath. After a badly spent night, when I could not sleep and frequently urinated, in the morning I felt a little better and decided to stop the Sunlight application, at least temporarily.

And really during the day my feeling of health improved, towards the evening I felt absolutely normal, so the next day I resumed the Solar procedures again from 40 oscillations, then next day jumped straight to 100 – and all this with steadily increasing feeling of joy, energy and optimism. I felt as good as I didn't already feel in decades – at that moment I was 65 years old. I enjoyed the feeling of a free breathing nose – without slime and irritations, I felt suddenly that my joints started flexing and rotating, I got rid of several old skin lesions and even enjoyed the returned taste for wine and beer.

I figured out the name of the enemy whom I defeated – Streptococcus Pyogenes, the nasty bacteria living inside our throats, joints and cardiac system. From my childhood I remember that from the age of 7 I was suffering from tonsillitis (2-3 times per year), then somehow my body blocked the throat infection, but the invader was already there. Only after the massive Solar stimulus my immune system found enough strength and resolution to deal with the invader and to exterminate this pestilence. There was one more and even nastier enemy remaining (Helicobacter Pylori), finally in 2005 I defeated him also, this story will come a little later.

Encouraged by this success I started offering the Solar Help to my wife who at that time had some problems with inflamed gums. The setup was very easy – my wife turned her back towards the Sun, the Sunlight was falling from above right, the mirror in my hands reflected the sunspot to the lower area of chin and neck. I believed that since there were no outstanding veins in this area, she should easily accept 60-70 oscillations for the first session.

The reality turned out quite different – after the first 30 oscillations my wife started complaining that she feels bad, has some shortness of breath and some elevated heart rate. So after 35 oscillations we stopped the session, I helped her to lie down on a sofa, brought her some valeriana tincture, moved forward the ventilator, and only after 45 minutes of this rest and calming down she could stand up from the sofa. (It should be noted that the gum inflammation subsided and went away in some 3 or 4 days, however it is not possible to definitely link the healing with Sunlight application). I drew for myself several important notes from this case:

1) Chin and neck area is much more sensitive and susceptible to Solar irradiation than the elbow joint area.

2) The actively going inflammation process makes a person susceptible to very small dosages of Solar irradiation – caution is needed to avoid possible overdose.

3) Women and men might have different reaction to Sunlight – research needed.

Now I will tell some words about Helicobacter Pylori – for 13 years, from 1992 to 2005, I had this bacteria inside my body. In 1992 together with a friend we visited a roadside restaurant in Southern California where among other goodies the owners treated the visitors with their home-brew beer and salads made from fresh back-yard vegetables. My friend after this treatment developed a strong diarrhea and this way evidently got rid of the infection. My digestive system turned out to be more resistant, so the bug had time to catch ground in my stomach and duodenum.

Fortunately for me, I never had any doubts about the infectious origin of my duodenal ulcer. When a doctor tried to convince me that the preferred treatment in my case should be based on “stomach acid reducers” like Ranitidin, etc, I found enough resistance in myself to tell him that I am not ready to accept his therapy, that I want to “rule out the infection”, and asked him to order a bacteriology analysis. Heck! - while writing the request for analysis the doctor correctly quoted in that paper “Helicobacter Pylori” without looking in the reference book. Turned out that he knew all the results of Australian research by Barry Marshall proving the infectious origin of the stomach and duodenal ulcers, but he simply wanted to keep me in the old “chronical” way. Eradicating the infection and totally curing me was outside of his intentions, he wanted to keep me as a regular steady repeat patient.

When the analysis returned the positive result for Helicobacter Pylori, the doctor even said - “Surprisingly, the result is positive”, to which I replied - “Comes as no surprise to me”, and quickly ended all contacts with this doctor.

I did not eradicate the infection then – it turned out to be the Tetracycline-resistant strain of bacteria, and I didn't know until much later that eradicating Helicobacter Pylori is no simple matter. This nasty invader has a special defensive layer over itself, not unlike the steel armor of a tank, built of acid- and enzyme-resistant proteins and lipids. This armor must first be dissolved with the help of bismuth-containing medications, then only the antibiotics can attack the bacteria.

So several years got by until I got rid of this unwanted “tenant” in 2005 with a combination of Amoxicilline and De-Nol (Tri-citrate of bismuth). Now I have absolutely no dietary limitations, neither of MD-imposed nor of self-imposed nature, no known allergies, and I believe that my regular Sunlight applications keep my immune system alert to such extent that another attack of these two aggressive pathogens (Streptococcus and Helicobacter) is virtually impossible.


Sometimes it is not easy to understand the message that your body tries to pass to you, but when you finally succeed in this “decryption”, the result can be worth a full-blown university course. This happened to me in 2008 – and I have now the extreme respect for my body which was patient, persistent, and didn't give up until the message was correctly received and understood.

I was doing the Sunlight applications pretty regularly since 2003. I had already the 9-inch “home mirror” on a stand and a compact 6-inch “travel mirror” for voyages, when in 2008 I accepted a teaching job in China and went to the city of Zhengzhou to teach Math in English to the high school graduates who wanted to apply to USA, Canadian and Australian universities.

The distance between my work and home was about 2 miles, usually I used the bus to go to work and returned walking and going around some small shops, or deviating to the peasants' market. Once after coming home I paid a closer look to my lower legs – the veins there were dilated, bulging from under the skin and started to hurt. Nothing out of ordinary, taking into account my age – I turned 70 that April. Still I didn't like the picture...

Something in me or around me seemed to require my attention, but I could not understand, whatever could it be. Some image seemed out of ordinary and very important, but it kept escaping conscious concentration. I took my “travel” mirror and walked out of apartment into the backyard. It was 4 PM, the Sun was still quite high in the sky, I rolled up my left sleeve and pointed the Sunspot to the elbow joint where the vein was supposed to show up.

Suddenly I was amazed and I understood what was out of ordinary – the vein in the elbow bend did not show up! Sure it was still there, but in these years of Solar application thick layers of skin and connecting tissue grew over the vein, it was now hidden from direct view, covered as if under some armor! I looked at the other elbow joint – same picture, the vein hidden from view under thick protective layers.

I sat there stupefied – is it really THAT SIMPLE? The body was screaming to me that varicose veins are easily treatable, that the treatment was right there in my hands, my mind needed only some rudiments of intellect to make 2+2 and apply to the legs the result seen on the arms.

Gesagt – getan! I returned to the apartment, changed the long pants for the shorts, went out to the Chinese backyard again and started irradiating my bulged veins with concentrated Sunlight. From my experience with the elbow veins I decided for myself that I will limit the exposure to 5-6 minutes – about 3 minutes per leg.

Heck – that was quite a different sensation! After the first moments of inconvenient positioning myself , aligning legs, Sun, hands and mirror, I finally managed to get a fairly decent focused spot on the big area of the right calf with several veins. Once I directed the Sunspot to one of these veins, I felt a strong pinching – as if I pickled myself with a sharp needle. This pickling subsided when I started rapidly moving the spot back and forth along the vein, the amplitude necessary for this was about 2-3 cm (1”).

Stop, break, think a little...

Seems that the large bulged veins on the legs absorb PCSL much better than the white skin or thin veins on the arms. But to make the swollen veins contract and become smaller I must heat them to the extent of causing them pain. So the suggested method will be – decrease the amplitude of oscillations to ~1 cm and stay in this place until it will hurt, then shift the Sunspot to the adjacent segment of the vein, cause the same effect there, and continue this way along the vein, heating it up to the extent of pinching, but never too hot to cause real damage.

To make the long story short, in about a week I saw the first results (2 days were lost to the cloudy weather). Honestly speaking, I supplemented this PCSL with raising the legs in order to reduce blood pressure in the veins. This last procedure included laying down on the floor close to the wall, raising the legs, placing the legs on the wall and staying like that for 20-25 minutes. The blood was flowing to the shoulder parts of the body and away from legs, exactly obeying the gravity law.

Finale: now, 3 years later, I forgot all the sufferings which varicose veins can cause to the unsuspecting victim. No, the veins did not hide completely, but this was unreasonable to expect, the treatment should have started at least 10-15 years earlier.


The history of my relations with Concentrated Sunlight was not always harmless and soft. Sometimes I abused the Sunlight to the extent of directly burning my own live flesh – really burning, to smoldering coals and fried meat.

Actually it happened twice, the first time at the age of 16 when I was really angry at this wart on the right middle finger. My classmates suggested different “proven” ways to get rid of the wart, but all these methods involved either chemistry (e.g. silver nitrate) or something esoteric (let a dog or a frog pee on your wart). And beside that, for each method proposed there was invariably somebody who recalled solid evidence that the wart banished this way was due to return couple of months later.

Finally one of the boys recalled that his remote cousin had heard a story of a successfully burned wart – with the help of a magnifying lens and Sun. The topic was discussed in our company, nobody recalled any contrarian evidence, so I decided to try it on my own wart.

That was REAL pain – the top side of the wart turned white, the sensation of the injured finger was felt from the fingertip up to the top of the head, the eyes started watering and it was only with the extreme effort of will that I didn't lose the focus of the lens. Then I saw the faint blue smoke rising from the hot spot, felt the smell of burning meat, and then suddenly...

The pain subsided, there was nothing extraordinary in it, just the average feeling of a small injury, well known to anybody who had ever cut his finger in the kitchen, the watering eyes dried out, the lens was still firm in my left hand – and the wart was burning...

Now I could consciously control what I was doing – direct the focused hotspot to the center of the wart, burn it to the state of coals, then, working around the perimeter of this smoldered island, gradually increase its size until all the wart was burnt, including also some skin around the borders. Essentially that was all - “Finita la comedia!”

The rest was mundane and conventional – some blood-stopping ointment, gauze cover on the finger, wait for a week, remove the gauze cover, throw away all dirt and leftovers, and finally (in another 2 weeks) enjoy the wart-free finger. Now, 57 years later, I cannot even find the place where the scar was visible for the first 3 or 4 years after execution.

Years later I understood the reason why did the pain disappear. That was the combination of 2 factors. First, when pain is seemingly over the limit, the body readjusts the limits and thresholds – we can think of it as of changing the scale on the map – zooming of a kind. Then the “100x pain” transforms into the “2x pain” and becomes quite tolerable. Second, along with burning the wart I burned also the nerves and nervous sensors – my wart lost the means of communication, the signal about what was happening in the finger simply didn't reach the brain. (This experience brought me closer to understanding the deed of Gaius Mucius Scaevola, who deliberately burned his hand to show the barbarians his indifference to pain and death).

The second case of “live burning” happened in 2007. It was the cluster of red cherry angiomas on the left shoulder. They showed up since the mid 90-s, and I would disregard them all, but suddenly one of these red bubbles started growing. In 2006 it reached about 10 mm in diameter and was causing real inconvenience.

I burned this red “cherry” with the help of the 6-inch travel mirror, focusing the Sunspot on the shoulder and using another mirror to help me see what I was doing. Essentially it was the same procedure as burning the wart – intense pain first, moderate pain in the process, sizzling skin and flesh of the angioma, burning it to the flat... The difference was in the length of the bleeding after the execution – angioma wound was bleeding for 5 days, while the wart stopped bleeding in 2 days. The difference could be my age – I burned the wart at the age of 16, and the angioma at 69, the blood-clotting properties of the body could be quite different.

In neither case did I have even a slightest inflammation of the wound – despite the common opinion that burnt wounds are very prone to inflammation. Neither the wart (in 57 years), nor the angioma (in 4 years) did show any sign of coming back – they are gone hopefully forever.


To whoever will be reading this – please do not try to reproduce my experiences!!This is just an honest report of what happened, not the manual about “how make it happen”. This happened to a man with a particular genetic makeup, particular mind structure and very uncommon biography. Your mileage can vary, so please don't attempt to go there and then blame me for your troubles!!