Selected Ciphering Stuff

             Here is a collection of some ciphers based on modular multiplication (mod Fermat Numbers).
Mostly they are based on #5 (2^32+1), sometimes on #6 (2^64+1).
Hopefully later I will add here some ciphers based on #7 (2^128+1),
there also exist plans to use #8 (2^256+1) - this is really HUGE!

Double-sized IDEA-128 cipher and its description. This is based on Fermat #5 (2^32+1).

       Proposed Key scheduler  program and its description  . This is also based on Fermat #5 (2^32+1)

       Inverted-Feistel type LETSIEF-64  cipher and its description  . This is based on Fermat #5 (2^32+1) and on Fermat #6 (2^64+1)